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Participate in research. Get Flo Premium.

*You can only take part if you've never used the Flo app before


Simply complete a few surveys about your PMS/PMDD symptoms, health, and wellbeing over the course of the 3-month study, and you’ll get 1 year of Flo Premium for free, and the chance to win Amazon vouchers up to the value of $550.


About the study

Why we’re doing this

Why we’re doing this

The symptoms of PMS and PMDD can be debilitating, and millions of women and people who menstruate worldwide are affected each month. We want to change this.

We’re looking for study participants who haven’t used the Flo app before (and aren’t pregnant or taking hormonal contraceptives) to help us understand how PMS affects them.
How it works

How it works

Recruits will be split into two groups at random. The interventional group will use Flo to track and monitor their health and symptoms, the control group will just monitor their health and symptoms the same way they usually would.

All recruits will complete a health and well-being survey at the start, and another survey each month of the study.
What you’ll get

What you’ll get

All recruits get a full year’s free access to Flo (control group access will start once the study’s complete).

Taking part also gives you entry to our prize draw, to win Amazon vouchers up to the value of $550.

How to take part

Complete the entry form

Complete the entry form

We’ll ask a few questions about your health and well-being. If you’re eligible to take part, we’ll be in contact to assign you to a group.

If you’re in the interventional group you’ll be asked to install and use the Flo app.

Complete the study surveys

Complete the study surveys

On your email, you will receive health and well-being surveys at set points throughout the study.
Claim your prize

Claim your prize

Once the study’s complete, you’ll be entered into our raffle with a chance to win Amazon vouchers ranging from $50 to $550.


The study lasts 3 months in total.

  • You’ll enjoy one year of Flo Premium for free and get to know your body better than ever before.
  • You’ll also be helping us understand how we can better serve millions of women and people who menstruate worldwide to cope with their PMS and PMDD symptoms.
  • Once the study’s complete, you’ll be entered into our raffle with a chance to win Amazon vouchers ranging from $50 to $550.

We firmly believe women’s health data should be held with the utmost privacy and care. We care deeply about our users’ privacy, which is why Flo does not share health data with any company but Flo. We’ll never disclose your replies to any third party. We never have and never will sell your personal health data to any company.

  • If you participate, we will collect sensitive personal data. However, all analysis data will be aggregated and de-identified, which means you cannot be personally identified from your responses. The data we’ll collect may include your ethnicity, level of education and income, health data (including your current reproductive health goals, medical history of health conditions, and use of healthcare resources), information about your relationship with a partner, and overall quality and satisfaction with your life and well-being. 
  • We’ll also collect your email address to link your survey data to the Flo app data. We do this in order to find out whether your app engagement influences health benefits gained. Providing this information is voluntary, but if it isn’t provided, you may not be able to participate in the study. 
  • We’ll also analyze your app engagement information. For example, we may analyze the content you accessed, features you used, your time spent in the app, and how often you use it. You are welcome to read our Privacy Policy, which will give you information about how your personal information is processed when you use the Flo app. 
  • When you share your data with Flo, you have the opportunity to move women’s health research forward. We may use the aggregated and anonymised data for research purposes and to create any marketing materials sharing study results. You can read more about the types of research we do here
  • You can freely talk to us. We believe in transparent and open dialogue, so we strongly encourage you to contact our Support Team at support@flo.health, our Data Protection Officer at dpo@flo.health if you want to exercise your privacy rights, have questions about how we collect or process your Personal Data, or anything else related to our privacy practices.

All surveys are being carried out through Survey Monkey. Read more about Survey Monkey and its privacy practices here

We remain committed to ensuring the utmost privacy for our users and welcome you to visit our Privacy Portal, which gives more detailed info about our data protection policies. 

The survey is open to people that menstruate that:
  • are between 18-40 years old 
  • are living in the US and know English well
  • have never used Flo app before 
  • are not taking hormonal contraception
  • are not taking (and have never taken) antidepressents
  • are not receiving (and have never received) psychiatric treatment or been diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder


Any questions?

To find out more about this study, please email research@flo.health